Sea taxi from Miyajima area

Every day, a regular sea taxi is issued one by one in the morning and evening.
Please make a reservation by 17:00 on the previous day when using.

Please come to the pier at least 15 minutes before departure on the day. If you are late for the departure time, you can not board the ship even if you are making a reservation.

Aki Grand Hotel ⇒ Miyajima No. 3 Pier
08:20 departs at 8:40 arrival

Miyajima No. 3 pier ⇒ Aki Grand Hotel Pier
17: 55 departs 18: 15 arrival

(One way: Adults 500 yen, Children 250 yen)

Coming by train

【Those who use conventional line (Sanyo main line)】
Nearest station: JR Miyajimaguchi Station
Hiroshima Station ⇒ JR Miyajimaguchi <About 30 minutes>
Iwakuni Station ⇒ JR Miyajimaguchi <About 25 minutes>

【Those using Hiroshima Electric Railway】
Nearest station: Hiroshima Electric Railway Miyajimaguchi Station
Hiroshima Station ⇒ Hiroshima Electric Railway Miyajimaguchi <About 80 minutes>
Kamiyacho ⇒ Hiroshima Electric Railway Miyajimaguchi <About 70 minutes>

Coming by plane

Hiroshima Airport
Airport Limousine Bus Hiroshima Airport ⇒ Hiroshima Station <About 60 minutes>

Iwakuni Kinzabashi Airport
Route bus Airport ⇒ Iwakuni station <about 15 minutes>

Coming by car

○ From Hiroshima area
  Take the Hatsukaichi IC and take Route 2 to Iwakuni in about 10 minutes

○From the Iwakuni side
Leave Ohno IC and turn left, Route 2 toward Hiroshima about 13 minutes

Free shuttle bus

From the nearest station JR Miyajimaguchi Station a free shuttle bus for the hotel is operated regularly.
From JR Miyajimaguchi Station ⇒ Aki Grand Hotel <About 5 minutes>

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